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What is Gaana Hindi Enterprise and how does it work?

We established our company in 2011 and it is still running on its own line.

Our company provides digital Music distribution service for artist labels and music companies

Dear Artists & Labels & Music Company When you sign your agreement with our company, you receive an account notification from our company when you are signed for digital music distribution. When you sign in, you will signup and login. After that there you can start making your song release. When you create the release and submit it to our company then our company will like your song on all these digital music stores. Within 1 week

Delivery you are song this is Store
Apple Music / iTunes / Amazon Music / Pandora / Spotify / YouTube Music / Art Track / YouTube Audio Fingerprinting / Content ID / Deezer / Shazam / Facebook Rights Manager / Instagram / Tik Tok / Resso / Gaana / Wynk Music / Hungama / JioSavan / and more other

Please take note when your music is monetized and we report and release the payment to your account. There is no need to run after us. Your payment will be credited to your given bank details as per a stipulated time

Keep in mind that if your sales starts from today, then it may take 2 months to 3 months after the report and payment comes.

For example, whatever you earn between January 1st to January 30th, we will send this payment and royalty to you at your bank address between April 1st and 10th.

Our company Gaana Hindi Enterprise has partner relationship with these companies. like Pooja Music & Lara Music & Vishwa Music & Prism Music &
Prism Audio & D Records International & Star Music India & BLC Music Group & Chanda Cassettes & KMI Music International & Lips Music Group & MS Digital Media & Shemaroo Entertainment & Shemaroo Music.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

This is how you can Digitally Copyright Protection your music. Facebook Rights Manager Soundcloud ContentID Youtube Audio Fingerprint from Youtube ContentID From Content Management System CMS

30% Distribution fee for using Gaana Hindi Enterprise LLC All DSPs YouTube Music / ITunes / Apple Music / Amazon Music / Tik Tok / Resso / Spotify / Gaana / Hungama / JioSavan and more other

50% Rights Administration fee when using Gaana Hindi Enterprise LLC From All (DRM) ContentID System and Fingerprinting YouTube / Facebook / SoundCloud

Our Partners